Wednesday, 4 May 2011

How I use Skype with AAC apps

How can you integrate your AAC app into a skype conversation? 

Its a very simple process, with just two steps. 

1) Start a skype chat like you normally would

2) Open your app (in this case, Predictable) and start chatting. You'll see the red line at the top of your screen indicating Skype is running.

In my testing, this process happened seemlessly and the voice quality was excellent. I liked that I could keep my app page up and listen to the other person while typing a message. In the future, hopefully you'll be able to share the screen like you can when using Skype on a desktop computer.

The process is basically the same for integrating an AAC app in a phone call on your iPhone.  I have tried to use Face Time and integrate an app, but this dosen't work! 

A quick note that this was on my iPhone 3GS and with the new iPhone 4 and perhaps iPad, the other apps are muted when skype or phone calls are made.

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