Monday, 20 June 2011

iOS5....what can we look forward to for clients with additional needs?

So, Apple announce 200 changes are in line for iOS5. What are some of the aspects which might be relevant to special needs users of the iPad? Here is a quick look at a couple of the features that have been revealed.

Reminders - reminders will be able to be location based. This may be a good tool for people with memory and other cognitive difficulties who need a prompt upon entering a location. For example, entering a supermarket and receiving a reminder of your grocery list; or arriving at the GP clinic and being reminded of the important questions you need to ask.

Being independent of the PC - means that we'll be able to download updates automatically on the iDevice. When you do want to sync to your PC we'll be able to do this via WiFi rather than needing to use the current USB cable. Which depending on how your school/hospital is set-up regarding WiFi, could useful. 

LED Flash and Vibration - will allow iPhone users to see and feel an incoming call. Great for people with sensory difficulties.

And of course Apple has hinted at the changes that will allow certain hardware that will facilitate further access...

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